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14CGF - Color Glass Filters
Color glass filter provides an economical filter for many various applications.
14IF - Interference Filters
In general interference filters are used as wavelength selectors in astrophysics, clinical chemistry, material analysis, quality control, and in general purpose laboratory colorimeters and other applications.
14NDF - Neutral Density Absorption Type Filters
Neutral Density filter is an economical solution to attenuate the light.
14CNDF - Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters
Circular Variable Neutral Density filter is an economical solution to attenuate the light.
14NOF - Precision Type Reflective Notch Filters
Ultra-Narrow-Band Notch Filters reflect light with bandwidths as narrow as 5 cm-1 while all other wavelength pass unaffected with up to 95% total transmission.
14BAF - Precision Type Reflective Bandpass Filter
These filters are used to clean up laser spectral noise with a bandwidth as narrow as 50 pm in visible and near IR regions.
14SPF - Precision Type Reflective Spatial Filter
Spatial Filters provide a simple, compact, and cost effective solution for laser beam spatial filtering.