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14DP - Dispersing Prisms
Separates light by wavelength.
14RAP - Right-Angle Prisms
Can work as internal or external reflectors or as retro-reflectors.
14RPR - Right-Angle Prisms - Retroreflectors
Working as internal or external reflectors or as retro-reflectors.
14CCR - Corner Cube Retroreflectors
Incident light deviates by 180 degrees independently of the angle of incidence.
14PP - Penta Prisms
High precision.
14DOP - Dove Prisms
Ideal for Image rotation.
14AP - Anamorphic Prisms
A pair of prisms can be designed into a much more compact package than a telescope using cylindrical optics.
14WP - Wedge Prisms
Ideal for beam steering.
14LP - Littrow Prisms
Uncoated prisms can be used to disperse the light into spectrum.
14PBR - Pellin-Broca Prisms
Extremely small loss for p-polarized beam.