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Home > Filters > 14CNDF - Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters
Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters
Circular Variable Neutral Density filter is an economical solution to attenuate the light

Circular ND filters provide continuously variable, linear attenuation of light by rotating the filter around its center. Transmitted intensity varies as a function of the optical density range. The filter can be used for white light as well as for lasers. A large finite aperture can be attenuated by counter rotating two filters in series. Sizes are available from 25 mm to over 100 mm in diameter.

Standard Specifications
MaterialBK7; UVFS
Inside Diameter8.0 mm
Operating Wavelength Range380-2000 nm (BK7)
250-2500 nm (UVFS)
Surface flatness<λ @ 632.8 nm
Surface quality60-40 S-D
Clear aperture>90%

Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters
Optical density
Average Transmission
in VIS
Operating rangeOrdering Code
Ø25 mmØ50 mmØ100 mm
0.04 to 1.0 90% to 10% BK7 380-2000 nm 14CNDF-25-90/10-1 14CNDF-50-90/10-1 14CNDF-100-90/10-1
0.04 to 2.0 90% to 1% BK7 380-2000 nm 14CNDF-25-90/1-1 14CNDF-50-90/1-1 14CNDF-100-90/1-1
0.04 to 3.0 90% to 0,1% BK7 380-2000 nm 14CNDF-25-90/01-1 14CNDF-50-90/01-1 14CNDF-100-90/01-1
0.04 to 1.0 90% to 10% UVFS 250-2500 nm 14CNDF-25-90/10-2 14CNDF-50-90/10-2 14CNDF-100-90/10-2
0.04 to 2.0 90% to 1% UVFS 250-2500 nm 14CNDF-25-90/1-2 14CNDF-50-90/1-2 14CNDF-100-90/1-2
0.04 to 3.0 90% to 0,1% UVFS 250-2500 nm 14CNDF-25-90/01-2 14CNDF-50-90/01-2 14CNDF-100-90/01-2

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