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Each single model is designed to offer the best possible protection and vetted in its aesthetic and fitness to allow its operator to work in complete harmony with its eyewear. Also, the thorough ergonomic study of frames is combined with extreme care about design for a fresh conception of comfort and style.

SoftPadTM is the new patented terminal that added to the arm of the eyewear offers comfort and protection. The system is designed to provide perfect stability to the safety glasses and full adaptability to the face of the user; the support of the glasses is entrusted to the whole support area of the arm for a comfortable and stable fit. The many settings of the terminal, the innovative use of materials and the meticulous design allow full adherence throughout the temple thereby avoiding the concentration of pressure in one place.

SylexTM is the new material that allows the obtainment of protection levels superior than every other plastic frame now on the market: 190-315 D LB8 + IR LB5, 315-1400 D LB6 + IRM LB7, 1400-11000 DI LB4 (ref. EN207:2009).
These protection levels are reached only thanks to the chemical structure of the material, which offers a better resistance to a direct hit of the laser. The high protection of the material combines with a light weight, offering a great comfort to users.
SylexTM is a material available on 561 and 562 models.

• Developed to be worn over every prescription glasses without losing in comfort
• Ultra-light frame (42 g)
• Wide vision single-lens absorbing filters made of polycarbonate
• Adjustable temples
• Softpad Technology
• Side protection
• Adjustable hypoallergenic silicon nose pad
• Adjustable wired temple
• Absorbing polycarbonate and glass filters
• Absorbing polycarbonate filters
• Total comfort thanks to soft temple tips
• Adjustable temples in length and inclination
• Light and comfortable
• Wraparound shape with outstanding protection
• Extremely lightweight
• Anti-slip soft rubber nose pad
• 8-Base absorbing polycarbonate filters up to D L6
• Over-moulded temple tips reduce pressure on sensitive areas
• High protection 2mm aluminium shield
• Absorbing and interferential glass filters up to D L8
• Adjustable nose pad with metal core
• Asian fitting
• Interchangeable nose pad kit included in package
• Ergonomic wraparound temples fit perfectly on user face
• Fully adjustable temples in length and inclination
• Interchangeable nose pad
• Softpad Technology
• High power laser protection
• High protection 2mm aluminium shield
• Can be worn over prescription glasses
• Adjustable elastic band improves the stability
• Internal soft rubber eliminates local pressure
• Interferential glass filters and absorbing polycarbonate or glass filters
• Smart design
• Soft hypoallergenic nose pad
• Asian fitting version upon request
• 6-Base absorbing polycarbonate filters
• Adjustable temples
• Ergonomic wraparound temples fit perfectly on user face
• Sylex technology
• Softpad technology
• 6-Base absorbing polycarbonate and glass filters
• Wide field of vision
• Asian fitting
• Adjustable temples
• Ergonomic wraparound temples fit perfectly on user face
• Universal overspec on every prescription glasses
• Sylex technology
• Softpad technology
11LG-563 (Obsolete)
• Metal insert to increase frame protection
• Ultimate fit
• Absorbing polycarbonate 8 base filters up to D L6
• Adjustable temples
• Ergonomic wraparound temples fit perfectly on user face
• Softpad Technology