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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA  P.O. Box 2684, 03001 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
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Standa Ltd. offers flexible modular adaptive optical systems with 19 to 109 control channels with mirror apertures from 15 mm up to 50 mm. Deformable mirrors can be coated with bare metals such as Aluminum and Gold and with 99.0% HR coatings at 1060 nm, 98% broadband metal/dielectric coatings for 550-1000 nm spectral range, centered at 800 nm, protected aluminum coatings optimized from 266 nm to 350 nm range and other types of coatings if required. The systems offered by Standa Ltd. use Piezoelectric Deformable Mirrors and Micromachined Membrane Deformable Mirrors. Wavefront sensor and feedback controller are used as a wavefront control system. Deformable mirrors can be driven with 20 or 40-ch HV amplifier modules that can be combined to any number of channels. Below is a short overview of the standard AO systems that are offered.

14PDM - Piezoelectric Deformable Mirrors 14MMDM - Micromachined Membrane Deformable Mirrors
14LDM - Linear Deformable Mirrors Electronics
14MMDM-15-17 - Deformable Mirror with Integrated Tip-Tilt Stage 14MMDM-15-37 - 37-channel Micromachined Deformable Mirror System