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Home > 14VRM Variable Reflectivity Mirrors
Variable Reflectivity Mirrors
Improves beam shape and quality
Variable/locally defined reflection
Highest available central reflection value Rr (max) - 50%
Custom design (substrate shape, wedge, AR coating) available

In order to have better beam quality, i.e. in non-stable resonators, variable reflection mirrors - variable reflectivity mirrors can be used. High intensity of the laser beam requires use of components with a high damage threshold. Dielectric coatings are best suited to meet these requirements. Standa offers variable reflectivity mirrors with dielectric coating, designed at wavelengths in a range from 266 to 2500 nm.

Standard Specifications
Diameter Tolerance +0.0, -0.1 mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.1 mm
Flatnessλ/8 @ 632.8 mm
Surface Quality 20-10 scratch & dig
Paralellism error <10 arcsec
Clear Aperture>90%

Variable Reflectivity Mirrors
Diameter, mmWavelength*, nmReflection (center)R0, %Radius wm, mmGaussian order kOrdering Code
25.4106415 ± 0.52214VRM-1-15-2-2-2
20 ± 0.514VRM-1-20-2-2-2
25 ± 0.514VRM-1-25-2-2-2
30 ± 0.514VRM-1-30-2-2-2
35 ± 0.514VRM-1-35-2-2-2
*Custom wavelengths available.

* Use the comments field upon checking out to describe desired characteristics.