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Dielectric Coatings
General information.
HR - HR Laser Line Coatings
HR Laser Line coatings provide an optimized performance at certain wavelength and certain angle of incidence (AOI).
BBHR - HR Broad Band Coatings
Provide an optimized performance over broad wavelength range.
PR - Partial Reflecting Coatings
Efficient beam splitting as well as output coupling in high power laser cavities.
WS - Wavelength Separating Coatings
Used to separate the spectral regions or specified wavelengths.
DHR - Dual Laser Line Reflecting Coatings
The coatings are designed to achieve the highest possible reflectivity at two specific laser line wavelengths at normal or 45 degrees incidence.
AR - Laser Line Anti-Reflection Coatings
Designed to reduce the reflectivity of a component to near-zero for specific wavelength.
BBAR - Broad Band Anti-Reflection Coatings
These coatings are designed to increase the transmission over a broad spectrum.
DAR - Dual Anti-Reflection Coatings
Frequently used in multi-frequency laser output systems (e.g. frequency doubling).
AM / SM / GM - Metallic Coatings
Metallic coatings are convenient in that they are extremely broadband and can be used at any angle of incidence.