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Home > Prisms > 14LP - Littrow Prisms
Littrow Prisms
Uncoated prisms can be used to disperse the light into spectrum
Aluminium coated (B face) prisms diverts the beam at a 60 deg angle without inverting or reverting the image
  Standard Specifications
Dimension Tolerances+0.0, -0.2 mm
Surface Flatness<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Angle Tolerance+/- 10 arcmin
Bevel0.4 mm x 45 deg
Surface Quality40-20 scratch & dig

Littrow prisms usually are 30 - 60 - 90 deg prisms. The uncoated Littrow prism can disperse white light into its spectrum; the coated Littrow prism diverts the beam at a 60 deg angle without inverting or reversing the image. Littrow prisms can also be used as retro-reflecting Brewster prisms, as shown in the picture. They are positioned so that beam which enters front side of prism suffers Brewster anlge and falls normal to the flat surface and is reflected back along the same path. They are useful in laser cavities where the wavelength of the return beam can be selected by tilting the prism slightly. In this way the gain of the cavity can be tuned to a specific laser line.

BK7 Littrow Prisms
Dimensions A x B x C, mmCoatingOrdering Code
12.70 x 21.90 x 12.70Uncoated14LP-1-0
Al+SiO2 coated14LP-1-1
22.00 x 37.90 x 22.00Uncoated14LP-2-0
Al+SiO2 coated14LP-2-1

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