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Frames Filters Laser safety


Tables and protection levels
Continuous wave laser View table
Pulsed laser (pulse length: 10-4 to 10-1 s) View table
Q-switched pulsed laser (short pulses; pulse length: 10-9 to 10-7 s) View table
Mode-locked pulsed laser (ultra short pulses; pulse length: <10-9 s) View table
Simplified table of recommended filters based on laser type View table


Filters and protection levels for mode-locked lasers < 1 ns ("M")

Protection levelWavelenght
190-315 nm315-600 nm600-800 nm800-1400 nm
M LB9 11F-3002 515-532 11F-3001 1025-1100
11F-3004 515-532 11F-3003 1025-110
11F-3004 1025-1100
11F-3005 900-1150
M LB8 11F-3005 750-900
M LB7 11F-1005 1000-1070
11F-1016 315-532 11F-1016 970-1068
11F-1022 765-1100
11F-3004 315-515 11F-2011 1000-1400
M LB6 11F-1009 315-534 11F-1005 920-1075
11F-1016 315-534 11F-1016 960-1065
11F-1024 990-1065
M LB5 11F-1009 315-536
11F-1016 315-536
M LB4 11F-1009 315-538
11F-1016 315-538
M LB3 11F-1009 315-541
11F-1016 315-541