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Laser windows, used mainly in industrial field, are composed of the same base material as our eyewear line. The filters are specific, developed for the more common laser machines; in the catalogue they are available in different sizes, but they can be customized upon request. They are absorption filters, made both in glass, with high absorption capacity and good visible light transmission and in plastic, ultra-light and impact resistant but with a lower optical density.

Tables and protection levels
D - continuous wave laser View table
I - pulsed laser > 100 ns View table
R - Q-switched operation 10-9-10-7s View table
OD - optical densities View table

Click model to see detailed information:

11W-706 BL 11W-706 GL 11W-709
11W-708 EK 11W-708 FK 11W-708 GK
11W-708 DZ 11W-708 CZ / EZ / FZ

Filters and protection levels for pulsed operation > 100 ns
190-315 nm315-600 nm600-800 nm800-1400 nm1400-3300 nm3300-11000 nm
I LB811W-706 BL 990-1400 nm
I LB711W-706 GL 315-535 nm11W-706 BL 950-1400 nm
11W-708 FK 500-532 nm11W-709 880-1400 nm
11W-708 GK 500-532 nm
I LB611W-706 BL 930-1400 nm
11W-709 860-1400 nm
11W-708 EK 315-440 nm11W-708 EK 800-1090 nm
I LB511W-706 BL 890-1400 nm
11W-709 835-3000 nm11W-709 10600 nm
11W-708 EK 785-1100 nm
11W-708 FK 315-535 nm11W-708 FK 885-1064 nm
I LB411W-706 BL 190-260 nm11W-706 BL 850-1400 nm11W-706 BL 1400-3000 nm11W-706 BL 10600 nm
11W-706 GL 190-315 nm11W-708 CZ 10600 nm
11W-709 190-275 nm11W-709 810-1400 nm11W-708 EZ 10600 nm
11W-708 EK 770-1100 nm11W-708 FZ 10600 nm
11W-708 FK 845-1075 nm11W-708 DZ 10600 nm
I LB311W-706 BL 815-1400 nm
11W-709 780-1400 nm
11W-708 EK 190-315 nm11W-708 EK 750-1120 nm11W-708 EK 10600 nm
11W-708 FK 190-315 nm11W-708 FK 815-1085 nm
11W-708 GK 190-315 nm
11W-708 CZ 190-315 nm
11W-708 EZ 190-315 nm
11W-708 FZ 190-315 nm
11W-708 DZ 190-315 nm