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Laser Filters Technology
Absorbing filters are made of materials studied in order to block light of a defined wavelength range of the spectrum; they absorb laser radiation dangerous for the eye and transform it to heat, when laser beam hits the filter. Both plastic and glass can be used for the production of absorbing filters.
Interferential filters base themselves on the physical phenomenon of interference, reflecting different wavelength laser emissions; depending on the wavelength of the light, radiation is partly reflected on each single layer composing the filter. This hightech glass filter is made of several layers which reflect backwards the optical radiation.

Ultra Fast Laser
The term ultrafast laser is used for mode-locked lasers emitting ultrashort pulses, i.e. pulses with durations of fs or ps.
International studies proved that, while highly absorbing filters made from ion-doped mineral glass have very good resistance against ultrafast lasers, polycarbonate filters can vary their absorption under the influence of a laser irradiation.
Our laser filters are certified according M-mode as described in EN207:2009 for laser pulses shorter than 10-9 s; in this norm is required a laser damage test during which the filter shall not lose its protective effect and not show any induced transmission.

Tables and protection levels
D - continuous wave laser View table
I - pulsed laser (pulse length: 10-4 to 10-1 s) View table
R - Q-switched pulsed laser (short pulses; pulse length: 10-9 to 10-7 s) View table
M - mode-locked pulsed laser (ultra short pulses; pulse length: <10-9 s) View table

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