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Home > Polarizing Optics > 14GT - Glan Thompson Polarizing Prisms
Glan Thompson Polarizing Prisms
Broadband low power polarizers for UV, visible or near IR wavelengths
Large Acceptance Angle
High Polarization Purity
Prisms made of α-BBO or YVO4 are available upon request
Prisms with size greater than 10 mm are available on special request

Glan Thompson prism is birefringent polarization element which consists of two calcite prisms cemented together. Because of cement it has higher transmission than Glan Taylor type due to reduced reflection losses at the hypotenuse interface but limited useful UV spectral range. Transmitted extraordinary beam is used. Side faces are black painted to absorb rejected ordinary beam.

Glan Thompson Polarizing prism
Wavelength range, nmSide size A, mmOrdering Code

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  Standard Specifications
MaterialGrade VIS quality grade calcite
Wavelength Range350-2300 nm
Size10x10 mm
Beam Deviation< 1 arcmin
Length to Aperture Ratio2.5
Full Angle Field14° - 16° (asymmetrical)
Extinction Ratio1.0x10-5
Surface Quality60-40 scratch and dig
Surface Flatnessλ/4 @ 633 nm
Max. Power Handling1 W/cm2, CW
HousingBlack anodized aluminum housing View drawings