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Home > Polarizing Optics > 14PBT - Brewster Thin Film Polarizers
brewster thin film polarizers
Efficiently separates the s- and p- polarization components
Optimised for popular laser wavelengths
Brewster Thin Film polarizers with dimensions up to 200x150 mm are available
Standard Brewster Thin Film Polarizers available from stock

Brewster Thin Film polarizers are used for high energy applications. They have high damage threshold reaching 10 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm 8 ns. Brewster polarizers are used as an alternative to Glan- Taylor laser polarizing prisms or cube polarizing beamsplitters. Typically, BK7 or UVFS dielectric coated Brewster Thin film polarizers separate the s- and p-polarization components of high energy laser beams and are intended for intra and extra cavity usage. Typical polarization ratio Tp/Ts is 200:1 and it is achieved at 56° AOI (Brewster angle). For optimal transmission Brewster Thin Film Polarizer should be mounted in an appropriate holder for angular adjustment.

Standard Specifications
MaterialBK7, UVFS
Diameter Tolerance+0.0, -0.1 mm
Thickness Tolerance±0.1 mm
Clear Aperture>90%
Surface Quality20-10 scratch & dig
Surface Flatnessλ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Parallelism<30 arcsec
Extinction Ratio Tp/Ts>200:1
Typical TransmissionTp>95%
Typical ReflectionRs>99.5%
Laser Damage Threshold5 J/cm2 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm typical

Standard codes
Wavelength, nmSubstrate MaterialDimensions, mmOrdering Code
343UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-343-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-343-2
355 UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-355-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-355-2
400UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-400-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-400-2
515UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-515-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-515-2
532UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-532-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-532-2
780UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-780-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-780-2
780-820 (centered @ 800 nm)UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-780-820-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-780-820-2
795-805 (centered @ 800 nm)UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-795-805-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-795-805-2
1020-1040 (centered @ 1030 nm)UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-1020-1040-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-1020-1040-2
1064UVFSØ25.4x3 14PBT-1-1064-2
20x40x5 14PBT-4-1064-2
1550BK7Ø25.4x3 14PBT-1-1550-1
20x40x5 14PBT-4-1550-1