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optical substrates
Ideal for beamsplitters, windows, partial reflecting mirrors etc.
UVFS substrates are recommended for the UV and very high energy applications
Windows up to 500 mm diameter are available
Various dielectric coatings can be deposited on substrates


Various dimensions substrates made from BK7, UVFS, IRFS, CaF2, ZnSe, Sapphire, MgF2.
Standard substrates are laser grade polished on both surfaces. These substrates are ideal for beamsplitters, windows, partial reflecting mirrors etc.
Laser components require highly polished substrates as well as high performance coatings. Scattering, laser damage of laser light can occur if the substrate is made of inferior material or if it is inadequately polished. For UV, very high power applications and ultrashort pulses we recommend using UVFS substrates. BK7 substrates are economical solution for laser components used in many applications in laboratory as well as in many devices and instruments.
Standa provides various dielectric and metallic coatings on optical substrates.

Standard Specifications
MaterialBK7, UVFS, IRFS, CaF2, ZnSe, Sapphire, MgF2
ShapeRound, Rectangular
Surface Quality20-10 scratch & dig (BK7, UVFS);
40-20 scratch & dig (ZnSe, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2)
Surface Figureλ/10 - λ/8 per 1 inch diam (BK7, UVFS)
λ/2 - λ/4 per 1 inch diam (ZnSe)
Dimension TolerancesDiameter: +0.0, -0.1 mm; Thickness: ±0.1 mm
CoatingsNone. Please refer to the Coating Section
  Standard Products
MaterialDimensions, mmParallelism ErrorOrdering Code
BK712.7x3<1 arcmin14S-05-1
12.5x5<1 arcmin14S-4-1
12.7x6<1 arcmin14S-5-1
20x40x3<20 arcsec14S-6-1
25.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-1
25.4x51 deg ± 5 arcmin14S-8-1
25.4x53°±<5 arcmin14S-11-1
25.4x6<1 arcmin14S-1-1
30x6<1 arcmin14S-9-1
38.1x5<1 arcmin14S-10-1
50.8x8<1 arcmin14S-2-1
76.2x8<1 arcmin14S-3-1
UVFS12.7x2<1 arcmin14S-11-2
12.7x3<1 arcmin14S-05-2
12.7x5<1 arcmin14S-4-2
12.7x6<1 arcmin14S-5-2
20x40x3<20 arcsec14S-6-2
20x40x5<20 arcsec14S-19-2
20x60x51 deg ± 5 arcmin14S-13-2
20x60x2<20 arcsec14S-14-2
25.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-2
25.4x5<1 arcmin14S-8-2
25.4x31 deg ± 5 arcmin14S-16-2
25.4x33 deg ± 5 arcmin14S-22-2
30x5<1 arcmin14S-17-2
30x30x5<1 arcmin14S-18-2
38.1x5<1 arcmin14S-10-2
50.8x6<1 arcmin14S-20-2
76.2x6<1 arcmin14S-21-2
IRFS12.7x6<1 arcmin14S-5-3
25.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-3
ZnSe25.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-4
CaF225.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-5
MgF225.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-6
Sapphire25.4x3<1 arcmin14S-7-7