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Home > Off-Axis Mirrors > 14OAP-HP - Precision Off-Axis Parabolic XUV Mirrors
Precision Off-Axis Parabolic XUV Mirrors
Reflecting and grazing incidence type mirrors
Dimensions up to 1200 mm
Typical surface accuracy is λ/15 at 633 nm P-V (λ/70 RMS)

Parabolic mirrors are most common type of aspherical mirrors used in optical systems and devices. They are free from spherical aberrations, and therefore focus the beam to a point or point source to infinity.

OAP parameter description:
• Parent focal length (PFL) is the focal length of the parent paraboloid Y2=2pX for YX coordinates.
• Slant Focal Length (SFL) is the distance between OAP mechanical center and parabola focus F(p/2;0). This parameter is commonly known as Reflected Effective Focal Length (EFL).
• Optical Centerline is the line parallel to parent parabola optical axis and coming through the mechanical center of OAP.
• Zonal Radius (ZR) is the distance between parent parabola optical axis and optical centerline of the OAP. Often are used Off Axis Angle -β.
• Off-axis Distance (OAD) is the distance from parent parabola optical axis to inner edge of OAP. This value may be calculated from ZR and vice versa.

All above parameters are not independent. For example longer focal length influences better surface accuracy and on opposite site - longer zonal radius makes for lower SA.

Standard Specifications
MaterialZerodur, Astrositall, FS, ULETM , Si, Pyrex, BK7
Wavelength range, nm9 - 200
Dimensions, mmup to 500 up to 1200
Clear Aperture (CA)<90%up to 100%
Focal length tolerances±0.5%±0.01%
Micro-roughness, nm (RMS)~2≤0.4
Slope Error, arcsec (RMS)1 - longtitudal, 4 - transverse0.3 - longtitudal, 0.8 - transverse
Shape accuracy @ 632.8 nm≤λ/30λ/100