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Home > Lenses > 14APC - Plano-Concave Axicons
Plano-Concave Axicons
Produces a line image along the axis from a point light source or non diffractive Bessel beam
Available diameter up to 50 mm
Plano Convex, Plano Concave and Double Convex available
Various AR coatings are available for all these lenses. Please refer to the Coatings Section

Standa offers Plano-Concave Axicons of various dimensions and Apex angles. Plano-concave axicons are made of a plano surface in combination with a concave conical surface. They are made of optically transparent or filter materials with polished opposite sides, grounded edges and chamfers. Concave axicon produces a ring shaped image along the axis from a point light source (e.g. Gaussian laser beam). Due to specifics in fabrication process, a hole in the center of concave surface is needed. Diameter of the hole is typically 1 mm. Different coatings can be applied on the polished surfaces of axicons. When coated with HR coating, concave conical surface can be used as a conical mirror in some specific applications.

Standard Specifications
STANDARD Plano-Concave AxiconsPRECISION Plano-Concave Axicons
Surface quality60-40 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)40-20 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
Clear aperture90% of the diameter90% of the diameter
Diameter tolerance+0.00, -0.12 mm+0.00, -0.1 mm
Edge thickness8 mm3.5 mm
Angle tolerance±0.5°±0.05° (±3 arcmin)
Surface irregularity1λ @ 633 nmλ/4 @ 633 nm
Apex roundingdia <3 mmdia <0.4 mm
AR CoatingsNone. Please refer to the Coatings SectionNone. Please refer to the Coatings Section

Precision Plano-Concave Axicons
MaterialDiameterApex AngleAngleOrdering code
UVFSØ 25,4 mm140°20°14APX-1-140-2-P
UVFSØ 25,4 mm160°10°14APX-1-160-2-P
UVFSØ 25,4 mm165°7.5°14APX-1-165-2-P
UVFSØ 25,4 mm170°14APX-1-170-2-P
UVFSØ 25,4 mm175°2.5°14APX-1-175-2-P
UVFSØ 25,4 mm178°14APX-1-178-2-P
UVFSØ 25,4 mm179°0.5°14APX-1-179-2-P

Standard Plano-Concave Axicons
MaterialDiameterApex AngleAngleOrdering code
BK7Ø 25,4 mm140°20°14APX-1-140-1
UVFSØ 25,4 mm140°20°14APX-1-140-2
BK7Ø 25,4 mm160°10°14APX-1-160-1
UVFSØ 25,4 mm160°10°14APX-1-160-2
BK7Ø 25,4 mm165°7.5°14APX-1-165-1
UVFSØ 25,4 mm165°7.5°14APX-1-165-2
BK7Ø 25,4 mm170°14APX-1-170-1
UVFSØ 25,4 mm170°14APX-1-170-2
BK7Ø 25,4 mm175°2.5°14APX-1-175-1
UVFSØ 25,4 mm175°2.5°14APX-1-175-2
BK7Ø 25,4 mm178°14APX-1-178-1
UVFSØ 25,4 mm178°14APX-1-178-2
BK7Ø 30 mm160°10°14APX-1.5-160-1
UVFSØ 30 mm160°10°14APX-1.5-160-2
BK7Ø 30 mm165°7.5°14APX-1.5-165-1
UVFSØ 30 mm165°7.5°14APX-1.5-165-2
BK7Ø 30 mm170°14APX-1.5-170-1
UVFSØ 30 mm170°14APX-1.5-170-2

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