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Home > Lenses > 14MSL - Meniscus Lenses
Meniscus Lenses
Used in applications to reduce beam distortion
Other dimensions are available in small and mass production quantities
Various AR coatings are available for all these lenses. Please refer to the Coatings Section


Positive and negative focal length lenses have different radii on both sides. Meniscus lenses are used in applications where distortion of the beam has to be reduced. They are used on focusing beams in telescopes, collimators or condenser systems, optical transceivers or other devices. Standa provides lens with anti-reflection coating (please refer to the Coatings Section).

MaterialBK7, FS, UVFS, CaF2, ZnSe
Diameter Tolerance+0.0, -0.15 mm
Focal Length Tolerance±3%
Centration<3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture>90%
Chamfer0.25 mm @ 45°
Surface Figureλ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality40-20 scratch & dig
Design Wavelength633 nm
AR CoatingsNone. Please refer to the Coatings Section


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