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Home > Lenses > 14BCV - Double-concave Lenses
double-concave lenses
Diverges incident light
Lower spherical aberrations than for Plano-Concave lenses
Other dimensions are available in small and mass production quantities
Various AR coatings are available for all these lenses. Please refer to the Coatings Section


Standard Specifications
MaterialBK7, UVFS
Diameter Tolerance+0.0, -0.12 mm
Thickness Tolerance±0.5 mm
Centration<3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture>90%
Surface Irregularityλ/8 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality40-20 scratch & dig
Paraxial focal length±2% @ 546 nm for BK7
±2% @ 355 nm for UVFS
AR CoatingsNone. Please refer to the Coatings Section

Double concave lenses are symmetrical with equal radius of curvature on both sides. The biconcave lenses are used in optical systems in combination with other lenses. These lenses also work as beamexpanders, optical character readers, viewers and projection systems. Lenses can be anti-reflection coated (please refer to the Coatings Section).

BK7 Double-Concave Lenses
DiameterFocal LengthCentre thickness CTEdge thickness ETOrdering code
12,7 mm12,7 mm3,2 mm5 mm14BCV12.7-05-1
12,7 mm25 mm2,2 mm3 mm14BCV25-05-1
12,7 mm40 mm2,4 mm3 mm14BCV40-05-1
12,7 mm50 mm2,6 mm3 mm14BCV50-05-1
12,7 mm60 mm2,6 mm3 mm14BCV60-05-1
12,7 mm75 mm2,7 mm3 mm14BCV75-05-1
12,7 mm100 mm2,8 mm3 mm14BCV100-05-1
12,7 mm125 mm1,7 mm2 mm14BCV125-05-1
12,7 mm150 mm1,8 mm2 mm14BCV150-05-1
12,7 mm200 mm1,8 mm2 mm14BCV200-05-1
12,7 mm250 mm1,8 mm2 mm14BCV250-05-1
25,4 mm25 mm4,8 mm11,2 mm14BCV25-1-1
25,4 mm40 mm2,7 mm6,1 mm14BCV40-1-1
25,4 mm50 mm4,4 mm6 mm14BCV50-1-1
25,4 mm60 mm2,6 mm5 mm14BCV60-1-1
25,4 mm75 mm3,7 mm4,7 mm14BCV75-1-1
25,4 mm100 mm3,2 mm4 mm14BCV100-1-1
25,4 mm125 mm3,1 mm4 mm14BCV125-1-1
25,4 mm150 mm3 mm4 mm14BCV150-1-1
25,4 mm200 mm2,8 mm3,5 mm14BCV200-1-1
25,4 mm250 mm2,9 mm3,5 mm14BCV250-1-1
25,4 mm400 mm3,2 mm3,5 mm14BCV400-1-1
25,4 mm500 mm3,2 mm3,5 mm14BCV500-1-1
UVFS Double-Concave Lenses
DiameterFocal LengthCentre thickness CTEdge thickness ETOrdering code
12,7 mm12,5 mm3,7 mm5,8 mm14BCV12.5-05-2
12,7 mm25 mm2,3 mm3,2 mm14BCV25-05-2
12,7 mm30 mm1,3 mm2,5 mm14BCV30-05-2
12,7 mm50 mm2,6 mm3 mm14BCV50-05-2
12,7 mm75 mm2,7 mm3 mm14BCV75-05-2
12,7 mm100 mm2,8 mm3 mm14BCV100-05-2
25,4 mm25 mm4,2 mm10,2mm14BCV25-1-2
25,4 mm50 mm4,2 mm6 mm14BCV50-1-2
25,4 mm75 mm3,8 mm5 mm14BCV75-1-2
25,4 mm100 mm3,6 mm4,5mm14BCV100-1-2
25,4 mm150 mm3,9 mm4,5mm14BCV150-1-2
25,4 mm200 mm3 mm3,9mm14BCV200-1-2
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