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Home > Dielectric Coated Optics > 14DM-WS - Wavelength Separators
Used to separate the spectral regions or specified wavelengths
Coatings are provided by Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) or Electron beam evaporation with/without Ion assistance coating techniques

Wavelength separators are used to separate the spectral regions or specified wavelengths (harmonic components) of the multifrequency laser systems by selective spectral reflection, transmission and absorption. These multilayer dielectric coatings coatings separates various harmonic components separate the various harmonic components of frequency doubled laser systems by selective spectral reflection and transmission. In all cases one wavelength is reflected while the others are transmitted.

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Standard Specifications
Substrate Dimension Tolerance+0.0, -0.1 mm
Substrate Wavefront Distortion<λ/8 (<λ/4 for curved surfaces)
Substrate Surface Quality20-10 S-D (40-20 S-D for curved surfaces)
Coating Adhesion and DurabilityPer MIL-C-675A
Clear Aperture>90% of diameter
Laser Damage Threshold>5 J/cm2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm

Wavelength separators
Reflected Wavelength, nmTransmitted Wavelength, nmMaterialSizeOrdering Code for AOI = 0°Ordering Code for AOI = 45°
R>99% @ 266 T>90% @ 355+532+1064 UVFSØ25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS1-0-2 14DM-1-WS1-45-2
R>99.5% @ 340-355 T>92% @ 510-532 + 1020-1070 UVFS Ø12.7x5 mm 14DM-05-WS2-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS2-45-2
Ø50.8x6 mm 14DM-2-WS2-45-2
R>99.5% @ 400 T>95% @ 800 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS4-0-2 14DM-05-WS4-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS4-0-2 14DM-1-WS4-45-2
R>99.5% @ 515 T>95% @ 1030 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS5-0-2 14DM-05-WS5-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS5-0-2 14DM-1-WS5-45-2
R>99.5% @ 532 T>90% @ 266 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS7-0-2 14DM-05-WS7-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS7-0-2 14DM-1-WS7-45-2
R>99.5% @ 532 T>95% @ 1064 BK7 Ø12.7x3 mm 14DM-05-WS8-0-1 14DM-05-WS8-45-1
Ø25.4x6 mm 14DM-1-WS8-0-1 14DM-1-WS8-45-1
R>99.5% @ (532+1064) T>95% @ 808 BK7 Ø12.7x3 mm 14DM-05-WS10-0-1 14DM-05-WS10-45-1
Ø25.4x6 mm 14DM-1-WS10-0-1 14DM-1-WS10-45-1
R>99.5% @ (750-850) T>95% @ 532 UVFSØ25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS11-0-2 14DM-1-WS11-45-2
R>99.5% @ 800 T>95% @ 400 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS12-0-2 14DM-05-WS12-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS12-0-2 14DM-1-WS12-45-2
R>99.5% @ 1030 T>95% @ 515 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS14-0-2 14DM-05-WS14-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS14-0-2 14DM-1-WS14-45-2
R>99.5% @ 1030 T>95% @ 940 BK7 Ø12.7x3 mm 14DM-05-WS15-0-1 14DM-05-WS15-45-1
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS15-0-1 14DM-1-WS15-45-1
R>99.5% @ 1020 - 1080 T>97% @ 970 - 980 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS21-0-2 14DM-05-WS21-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS21-0-2 14DM-1-WS21-45-2
R>99.5% @ 1064 T>95% @ 355 UVFS Ø12.7x2 mm 14DM-05-WS17-0-2 14DM-05-WS17-45-2
Ø25.4x5 mm 14DM-1-WS17-0-2 14DM-1-WS17-45-2
R>99.5% @ 1064 T>95% @ 532 BK7 Ø12.7x3 mm 14DM-05-WS18-0-1 14DM-05-WS18-45-1
Ø25.4x6 mm 14DM-1-WS18-0-1 14DM-1-WS18-45-1
R>99.5% @ 1064 T>95% @ 400-700 BK7 Ø12.7x3 mm 14DM-05-WS19-0-1 14DM-05-WS19-45-1
Ø25.4x6 mm 14DM-1-WS19-0-1 14DM-1-WS19-45-1
R>99.5% @ 1064 T>95% @ 808 BK7 Ø12.7x3 mm 14DM-05-WS20-0-1 14DM-05-WS20-45-1
Ø25.4x6 mm 14DM-1-WS20-0-1 14DM-1-WS20-45-1