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Home > Dielectric Coated Optics > 14DM-GTI - Gires-Tournois Interferometer Mirrors
Gires Tournois Interferometer Mirrors
Reflectivity up to 99.9%
Central wavelength tolerance up to 1%
GDD values ranges from 100 fs2 to 1500 fs2 for Yb:KGW, Yb:YAG laser type coatings
GDD - Group Delay Dispersion

Gires-Tournois interferometer (GTI) is an optical standingwave resonator designed for generating chromatic dispersion. GTI mirrors are used mainly for pulse compression in Yb:YAG, Yb:KGW femtosecond lasers, but can be optimized for other wavelengths, for example Ti:Sapphire laser system. Compared to prism or grating pulse compression systems GTI thin film mirrors exhibits lower losses and sensitivity to mechanical misalignment errors, thus enabling higher output power and stability of laser system.

Standard Specifications
Substrate Dimension Tolerance+0.0, -0.1 mm
Substrate Wavefront Distortion<λ/8@632.8 nm
Surface Quality20-10 S-D (10-5 S-D on request)
Clear Aperture>90%
Measured ReflectivityRsp>99.8% @ 1010 nm - 1080 nm, AOI=0°-10°
Rsp>99.8% @ 700 nm - 900 nm, AOI=0°-10°
Laser Damage Threshold>1 J/cm2 for 500 fs pulses @ 1030 nm
Coating Adhesion and DurabilityPer MIL-C-675A

Gires-Tournois Interferometer Mirrors
Wavelength, nmAverage GDD, fs2AOIOrdering Code
Ø12.7x5 mmØ25.4x5 mm
780 - 820-1500° - 10°14DM-05-GTI1-5-15014DM-1-GTI1-5-150
785 - 815-2500° - 10°14DM-05-GTI1-5-25014DM-1-GTI1-5-250
790 - 810-4000° - 10°14DM-05-GTI1-5-40014DM-1-GTI1-5-400
1010 - 1050-2000° - 10°14DM-05-GTI2-5-20014DM-1-GTI2-5-200
1015 - 1045-4000° - 10°14DM-05-GTI2-5-40014DM-1-GTI2-5-400
1015 - 1045-6000° - 10°14DM-05-GTI2-5-60014DM-1-GTI2-5-600