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Home > Filters > 14SPF - Precision Type Reflective Spatial Filter
Precision Type Reflective Spatial Filter
Spatial filtering without refocusing and pinhole assembly
Highly cost effective and small footprint
Easy alignment by angle tuning in standard kinematic mount
Compatible with high-power operations over 1 kW
Compatible with high-energy operations up to 5 J/cm2
Simultaneous spatial and spectral filtering (<5 cm-1 to laser line)
Supports operation at temperatures up to 400° C
Based on reflective Volume Bragg Gratings (VBG)

Imperfections in laser optics and variations in laser gain medium cause side fringes and spatially varying intensity. Our spatial filters are designed to "clean up" laser beams from these deficiencies. 14SPF Spatial Filters provide a simple, compact, and cost effective solution for laser beam spatial filtering. BSF is based on reflecting volume Bragg grating with a narrow acceptance angle that enables filtering of laser beams with a single element, thus replacing pinhole assemblies in case of narrow line laser sources. In addition to spatial filtering, 14SPF's provide ultra-narrow line spectral filtering and can be used for high-power/high-energy applications. 14SPF Spatial Filters have superior environmental stability and can handle high power optical radiation and high operations temperatures.

Standard specifications
Input Angle: 8.5 ± 1°
Output Angle: - 11.5 ± 1°
Diffraction Efficiency: > 90%
Grating Thickness: 2.2 ± 0.5 mm
Spectral Bandwidth, FWHM: < 0.3 nm
Angular Acceptance, FWHM: < 5 mrad
Deflection Angle: 20°
Grating Aperture: 5 mm x 5 mm (clear aperture >85%)
AR Coating: Broadband low power, R < 0.5% per surface
Mounting: Mounted in Ø25 mm ring (optional Ø12.7 mm)
Filtering of spatial noise in laser beams
Ultra-narrow linewidth spectral filtering of laser beams
ASE filters for diode laser sources
Wavelength-tunable spatial and spectral filters

Product selection guide
WavelengthGrating aperture, mmOrdering code
405 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-405
488 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-488
514 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-514
532 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-532
632.8 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-633
785 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-785
1064 nm5 x 514SPF-1-1-1064

Spatial filtering of 632.8 nm HeNe laser with 14SPF Filter

Custom designed 14SPF - Precision Type Reflective Spatial Filters are
available upon request with the following parameters:

Diffraction Efficiency (DE): 90-95%
Spatial Noise Suppression: up to 30 dB
Center Wavelength Range: 400-2300 nm
Center Wavelength Tunability (angle tuning): up to 50 nm
Filter Thickness: 2-5 mm
Deflection Angles: 5-90° Lateral Dimensions: up to 25 x 25 mm2

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