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Home > Filters > 14BAF - Precision Type Reflective Bandpass Filter
Precision Type Reflective Bandpass Filter
High spectral selectivity
Superior environmental stability, no degradation over lifetime
High powered operations over 1 kW
High average power operation >20 W
High energy operations up to 5 J/cm2
No polarization dependence
Near-diffraction-limited beam quality
Based on reflective Volume Bragg Gratings (VBG)

14BAF Precision Type Reflective Bandpass Filter is a Reflecting Bragg Grating (RBG) recorded in a bulk of photosensitive silicate glass. These filters are used to clean up laser spectral noise with a bandwidth as narrow as 50 pm in visible and near IR regions. In Raman spectroscopy applications, combining 14BAF Filters with matching 14NOF Filters enables Raman shift measurements down to 5 cm-1 from the laser line. These filters have superior environmental stability and can handle high power optical radiation and high operational temperatures.

Standard specifications
Design Wavelength:408 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 632.8 nm785 nm, 1064 nm
Input Angle:8.5 ± 1°4 ± 1°
Output Angle:- 11.5 ± 1°- 16 ± 1°
Diffraction Efficiency:> 90%
Grating Thickness:2.2 ± 0.5 mm8 ± 1 mm
Spectral Bandwidth, FWHM:< 0.3 nm< 0.12 nm
Grating Aperture:5 mm x 5 mm (clear aperture > 85%)5 mm x 7 mm (clear aperture 85%)
AR Coating:Broadband, R < 0.5% per surface
Mounting:Mounted in Ø25 mm aluminum ring (optional Ø12.7 mm)

Ultra-low frequency (Terahertz) Raman spectroscopy
Spectral filtering and noise cleaning of laser beams
ASE filters for Raman laser diode sources
Spectral detection
Tunable filters for high resolution spectroscopy

Product selection guide
WavelengthGrating aperture, mmOrdering code
405 nm5 x 514BAF-1-1-405
488 nm5 x 514BAF-1-1-488
514 nm5 x 514BAF-1-1-514
532 nm5 x 514BAF-1-1-532
632.8 nm5 x 514BAF-1-1-633
785 nm5 x 514BAF-2-1-785
1064 nm5 x 514BAF-2-1-1064

Schematics of a possible 14BAF filter configuration

Custom designed Bandpass Filters are available upon request with the following parameters:
Diffraction Efficiency (DE): >90%
Spectral Bandwidth: 50 pm to 0.5 nm
Operating Range λ: 350-2700 nm
Grating Thickness: 0.5-15 mm
Apertures: 1-10 mm2
Deflection Angles: 5-90°

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