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Home > Filters > 14NOF - Precision Type Reflective Notch Filters
Precision Type Reflective Notch Filters
Based on reflective Volume Bragg Gratings (VBG)
Suitable for Ultra-low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy
Ultra Narrow Rejection Bandwidth (<10 cm-1)
Measurements of both Stokes and anti-Stokes modes
No degradation in high power light
Environmentally stable: high temperature operation, no humidity effects
No polarization dependence

14NOF Notch Filter is a reflective Volume Bragg Grating recorded in a bulk of photosensitive silicate glass. Ultra-Narrow-Band Notch Filters reflect light with bandwidths as narrow as 5 cm-1 while all other wavelength pass unaffected with up to 95% total transmission. 14NOF's enable simultaneous measurements of Stokes and Anti-Stokes Raman bands down to 5 cm-1 with a single stage spectrometer. Our Notch filters can withhold temperatures of up to 400° C and are fully environmentally stable with a practically unlimited life-time. Central wavelengths of the filters can be angle tuned by several nanometers without reduction of the filter optical density.

Standard specifications
Central Wavelength:488 nm514.5 nm532 nm632.8 nm785 nm1064 nm
Input Angle:6 ± 1°
Output Angle:- 6 ± 1°
Blocking of Design Wavelength:OD>3: > 99.9%
OD>4: > 99.99%
Grating Thickness:2.5 ± 1 mm
Spectral Bandwidth, FWHM:< 0.4 nm
Internal Transmittance at 633 nm:> 80%
Grating Aperture:OD>3: 11 mm x 11 mm (CA> 85%)
OD>4: 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm (CA>85%)
OD>3: 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm (CA> 85%)
OD>4: 11 mm x 11 mm (CA>85%)
AR Coating:Broadband, R < 0.5% per surface
Mounting:Mounted in Ø25 mm ring
Pharmaceutical polymorphs
LA models of polymer
Semiconductor lattices and nanostructures
Material: phase/structure
Metal Halides
Carbon nanotubes
Micro, nano-crystallites

Spectral profiles of the narrowest thin film filter available on the market and Notch Filter (14NOF). The bandwidth of a typical 14NOF is about 100-200 pm, whereas bandwidth of TF filters can't be narrower than 2-3 nm. Optical density of single 14NOF is limited to about OD4 and, thus, to provide sufficient Rayleigh light suppression depending on the measurement wavelength 2 to 3 filters have to be used in sequence.14NOFs are mounted in Ø25 mm round aluminum holders for easy use with standard optomechanical assemblies

Product selection guide
WavelengthGrating Aperture, mm: 11 x 11Grating Aperture, mm: 12.5 x 12.5
OD: 3OD: 4OD: 3OD: 4

Custom designed 14NOF - Precision Type Reflective Notch Filters are available upon request with the following specifications:
Attenuation: > 99.99% (OD4+)
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM): 5-8 cm-1
Operating range: 400-2500 nm
Thickness: 2-4 mm
Apertures: up to 25 x 25 mm2
Angular selectivity: 2-10 mrad
Incident/Diffracted Angles: 0-45°
Transmittance: up to 95%
Transmission ripple: <1% at ±0.5 nm from laser line (@633 nm)

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