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Home > Prisms > 14WP - Wedge Prisms
Wedge Prisms
Ideal for beam steering

Wedge prism is an optical element with plane-inclined surfaces; usually the faces are inclined toward one another at very small angles. It diverts light toward its thicker portion. By selecting the appropriate wedge it is simple to create a precise beam deviation without affecting other beam parameters. If two wedges are used together with the sloping surfaces in close proximity it is possible to produce a continuous variation of beam deviation by counter - rotating the wedges.

Wedge Prisms
DiameterMaterialThickness, TWedgeBD @ 1064 nmBD @ 532 nmBD @ 355 nmOrdering code
25.4 mmBK73 mm0.5°0.25°0.26°-14WP-1-05-1
25.4 mmBK73 mm0.51°0.52°-14WP-1-1-1
25.4 mmBK73 mm1.01°1.04°-14WP-1-2-1
25.4 mmBK73 mm1.52°1.56°-14WP-1-3-1
25.4 mmBK73 mm2.54°2.60°-14WP-1-5-1
25.4 mmUV FS3 mm0.5°0.22°0.23°0.24°14WP-1-05-2
25.4 mmUV FS3 mm0.45°0.46°0.48°14WP-1-1-2
25.4 mmUV FS3 mm0.90°0.92°0.95°14WP-1-2-2
25.4 mmUV FS3 mm1.35°1.38°1.43°14WP-1-3-2
25.4 mmUV FS3 mm2.26°2.31°2.39°14WP-1-5-2
Precision type
25.4 mmBK76 mm0.5°0.25°0.26°-14WP-1-05-1-P
25.4 mmBK76 mm0.51°0.52°-14WP-1-1-1-P
25.4 mmBK76 mm1.01°1.04°-14WP-1-2-1-P
25.4 mmBK76 mm1.52°1.56°-14WP-1-3-1-P
25.4 mmBK76 mm2.54°2.60°-14WP-1-5-1-P
25.4 mmUVFS6 mm0.5° 0.22°0.23°0.24°14WP-1-05-2-P
25.4 mmUVFS6 mm0.45°0.46°0.48°14WP-1-1-2-P
25.4 mmUVFS6 mm0.90°0.92°0.95°14WP-1-2-2-P
25.4 mmUVFS6 mm1.35°1.38°1.43°14WP-1-3-2-P
25.4 mmUVFS6 mm2.26°2.31°2.39°14WP-1-5-2-P

Standard Specifications
Material BK7, UVFS
Dimension Tolerances +0.00, -0.12 mm
Surface Quality 40-20 scratch & dig for standard
20-10 scratch & dig for precision
Clear Aperture 90% of the diameter
Wedge Tolerance ±3 arcmin
Flatness λ/4 @ 633 nm for standard
λ/10 @ 633 nm for precision