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Home > Coatings Section > AL / SM / GM Metallic Coatings
Protected Gold provides excellent, broadband infrared high reflectance
Protected Silver provides higher reflectance than aluminum throughout the visible and near IR
Protected Aluminum is economical solution for VIS applications
UV enhanced Aluminum provides good reflectance over a wide range and are mainly used in UV applications

Metallic coatings are convenient in that they are extremely broadband and can be used at any angle of incidence. We offer Gold, Silver and Aluminum high reflection coatings formed by vacuum deposition. All metallic reflectors can be over-coated with dielectric film of MgF2 or SiO2 in order to prevent oxidation of the metallic surface and provide abrasion resistance.

Standard Specifications
Clear Aperture>90% of diameter
Laser Damage Threshold>0.3 J/cm2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm (for Gold and Silver)

Metallic Coatings
Coating typeReflectivity, %Coating Code
UV enhanced Aluminum>87% @ 250 - 600EAM
Protected Aluminum>85% @ 400 - IRAM
Protected Silver>96% @ 550 - IRSM
Protected Gold>98% @ 750 - IRGM


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