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Home > Adaptive Optical Systems > 14PDM - Piezoelectric Deformable Mirrors
piezoelectric deformable mirrors

Standa offers affordable piezoelectric deformable mirrors with clear aperture of 30 mm and 50 mm. The full surface stroke is 6 µm standard with maximum stroke between the adjacent actuators in the range from 1 µm to 3 µm. The mirror is controlled by HV amplifer(s) and interfaced to a PC using 8-bit PCI or 12-bit USB controller(s). The full-amplitude mechanical response of the mirror is faster than 150 microseconds, but usually the response time is limited to 1 ms by the control electronics. The surface can be coated with a broad range of HR metal and multilayer dielectric coatings. PDM`s easily integrates with Standa wavefront sensors into a complete closed-loop adaptive optical system running with frame frequency of 15 to 100 Hz. Applications include dynamic correction of optical aberrations in laser, astronomical and imaging systems.